Equipment Rental Prices

DJ Equipment - PA / Sound Equipment - Sound Reinforcement
Concert Sound - Mobile Disc Jockeys - Audio Visual

Equipment Rented in 24/hr Increments. If you need more time please inquire.

Credit Card Must Be Used To Rent All Equipment – Prices Do Not Include Tax

Speakers & Monitors

Small to Large 12” 2-Way to 15” 2-Way $30-$40 per day
Concert 3-Way $100 per day

Power Amps

200 Watts to 4000 Watts $35-$60 per day


6 Channel to 24 Channel Board $25-75 per day

Signal Processors

EQ, Multi Effects, Compressor/Limiter/Gate $15-$25 per day

CD & Tape Players

Singe/Dual CD & Tape Players $20-40 per day


All Vocal Mics with 20’Cable $5 per day
Drum Snare & Tom Mics with 20’Cable $5 per day
Drum Bass Drum Mic with 20’Cable & Stand $10 per day
Wireless Vocal Mic $40 per day

Stands & Cables

All Mic & Equipment Stands $5 per day
All Mic & Instrument Cables $5 per day

Musical Instruments

Electric Guitar $25 per day
Electric Bass Guitar $25 per day
Electric Keyboard with Stand $50 per day
Drum Set with Hi-Hat, and 2 Cymbal Stands $65 per day
Hi-Hat, 2 Cymbals of your choice $20 per day

Please Contact Us If You Need More Information, Thank You!